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Herman is very knowledgeable & knows the market very well. He takes time to explain the policies & I would highly recommend you transact with him as he ...Read more

Mar 31, 2024
My River Road Goldens

Herman is a trusted Life Insurance Advisor who knows the market and knows how to pick the correct insurance for your specific needs. With his years of ...Read more

Dec 31, 2023
Eric Volkers

Herman Whitaker is by far the best insurance broker I’ve ever worked with. He helped me and my family navigate the complicated Medicare labyrinth and ...Read more

Mar 10, 2022
Ninna Brando

Herman is the preeminent expert I rely on for information related to Whole Life insurance. If you are experiencing a life changing event, I recommend ...Read more

Mar 5, 2022
Bryan Grosh

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Feb 22, 2022
Sergio Lira

Herman is the ultimate professional with a heart of gold, who truly cares about everyone that crosses his path. Would absolutely recommend Herman’s ...Read more

Feb 22, 2022
Scott Hartsfield

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